HTML version of Essex

This is an HTML version of John Essex's dancing manual The Dancing-Master (London, 1728), which itself is a translation of P. Rameau's Le Maître à danser (Paris, 1725).

I've split the book into four parts:

If you're having trouble downloading the first part, this might be because it is rather large.  I've split it into four smaller parts, which might help:


The text of this version was extracted from the Library of Congress' SGML version, and the plates are based on their facsimiles of both Essex (1728) and Rameau (1748).  (Note: the images on their site are of much higher quality, you can view them by clicking on the images here, then choosing their "Access bitonal" option).

In addition, the Library of Congress has a version of the full text, but I also have a plain-text version, which might be more convenient (also zipped and gzipped).


If you want to download a version to keep on your hard-drive, get one or both of...

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Extra Information

If you want to refer to the original I've provided links to the facsimile version from chapter headings and plates.  I've also provided page number anchors of the form ...#s1 and ...#p1 for scanned page number and marked number respectively.  There are also numbers in the alt-texts of graphics – these pages references refer to the scanned page in the facsimile (you can get to them by editing the URL) I've also added the written page number in brackets to the alt-texts, in case that's more useful.  Sorry if this is awkward, but I didn't want to cover the thing in editorial comments.

I've provided links to notated dances referred to in the text.  While Rameau and Essex only give the names of the dances, we can be pretty certain which dances they were referring to because they were all widely distributed at the time, often being re-published several times over the years, with many of them appearing in Rameau's own Abbregé de la nouvelle Methode.

Also, there's an "extra" plate in the Rameau, which appears opposite page 74, in part 1, chapter 20, but which is captioned Figure preste à faire le tems de Couráte, and not referred to in the text.  I left it out of this version.


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