1. OF Standing.
  2. Of Walking.
  3. Of Bowing, or the different Sorts of Honours.
  4. Of the Dancing-Room.
  5. Of the Coupee of one Step or Half Coupee.
  6. Of the Coupee.
  7. Of the Coupee with two Movements.
  8. Of the Bouree-Step or Fleuret.
  9. Of the Bouree with two Movements.
  10. Of the Pasgrave or March.
  11. Of the Point and March.
  12. Of the Spring or Bound.
  13. Of the Close or Jump.
  14. Of the Spring or Leap.
  15. Of the Rigadoon-Step of one Spring, open in the same Place and Close.
  16. Of the Rigadoon-Step of two Springs or Sissonne.
  17. Of the Galliard and Falling Step.
  18. Of the Bouree with a Bound.
  19. Of the Slip before and then behind, or Slip behind and afterwards before, and Half Coupee sideways.
  20. Of the Hop or Contretemp.
  21. Of the Chassee or Driving Step.
  22. Of the Chassee or Driving Step of two Movements or Bounding Coupees.
  23. Of the Beaten Coupee or Hop.
  24. Of the Chassee or Driving Step, of three Springs in the same Place, from the third Position.
  25. Of the Flying Chassee or Driving Step backwards, with a Close and Coupee to a Measure.
  26. Of the Hop of two Movements, from the fifth Position round in two half Turns.
  27. Of the Chaconne or Passacaille Step.
  28. Of the Hop and two Chassees or Drives round in the same Place.
  29. Of the Fall, Spring with both Feet at the same Time, and Coupee to a Measure.
  30. Of the Close beating before and falling behind in the third Position, upright Spring changing to the same before, and Coupee to a Measure.
  31. Of the Pirouette.
  32. Of the Pirouette introduced by a Coupee.
  33. Of the Bouree before and behind, and behind and before, advancing in a whole Turn.


  1. OF the Minuet Step.
  2. Of the Hop in the Minuet.
  3. Of the Double Bouree upon the same Place.
  4. Of the Balance.
  5. Of the two Coulees or Marches.
  6. Of the Slip behind and Half Coupee forwards to the right and left Hands, each to a Minuet Step.
    And of Dancing the Minuet in general.
  7. Of the Figure of S reversed or second Division.
  8. Of Presenting the right Arm or third Part.
  9. Of the fourth Division or Presenting of the left Arm.
  10. Of the fifth Division or second S.
  11. Of the sixth Division or Presenting of both Arms and Conclusion.
  12. Of the Mistakes in Dancing of a Minuet, with their Ocasions and Rules to prevent them.
  13. Of Time, or some Account what Time is; with Rules to be observed in Keeping it.
  14. Of the Movement of the Arms in Dancing.
  15. Of Country Dancing.

An Explanation of the Characters or Steps contained in the Tables of Plate E, in the exact Order they are treated of in this Work, shewing the different Ways in which the said Steps are performed whether forwards, backwards, sideways, or round, &c. in which you will see the Steps treated of in Words written down in Characters and Figures, which will not only convey a stronger Idea of the Steps, but also be very entertaining to the curious Reader.

The Steps treated of in BOOK I.

An Explanation of the Characters or Steps contain'd in the Tables of the Plate marked I. as first Slipping before, and then slipping behind, &c.

An Explanation of the Characters or Steps contained in Plate O, in the regular Order treated on in BOOK II.

Plate U. contains the whole Form of the Minuet in the exact Order treated on in BOOK II.